As a composer, Jesse Dietschi is keenly interested in creating music that blurs the lines between contemporary classical and modern jazz. As an Artistic Producer for Toronto’s Spectrum Music concert series, he created works for a variety of ensembles.

Paper Men by Jesse Dietschi

Text: Paper Men to Air Hopes and Fears by Robert Francis

Premiered at¬†Spectrum Music’s Your Wish is Our Concert (April 2015)

Erin Cooper Gay- Soprano

Peter Lutek- Contralto clarinet

Dan Morphy- marimba

Jamie Drake- vibraphone, glockenspiel

Daffodils by Jesse Dietschi

Text: I Wander Lonely as a Butterfly (William Wordsworth)

Premiered at Spectrum Music’s Love, Loneliness, and the Spaces Between (Feb 2014)

Jessica Stuart- vocals, koto

Ben Dietschi- saxophones

Aline Homzy- violin

Andrew Downing- bass

Nick Fraser- drums